Smart Toilets: Cool Features To Earn Your Bathroom An "A"


It began with smartphones – and now there are smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, and even smart toilets! If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom to the next level, a smart toilet, which is essentially a toilet that connects to the Internet, might be the right option. Here's a look at some of the coolest things a smart toilet is capable of.

Automatically play certain music when you sit down.

Maybe smooth jazz makes your bathroom experience more pleasant, or perhaps there's a specific song you like to hear as you do your business. Your smart toilet can be programmed to play specific music each time you sit down. Some are even fitted with weight sensors. They can distinguish you from other members of the household based on your weight, and this allows them to play the right customized music option for each individual.

Give you a personalized "cleaning."

Think bidet – but a bit more advanced. Your smart toilet can be programmed to deliver a personalized cleaning. Each person in the home can pre-set their cleaning options, so you never have to experience the wrong temperature or water stream strength. Some smart toilets are voice activated, so you can program them to turn on the jets when you utter something like "clean me now, please!"

Analyze your urine stream.

Let's say you are concerned about the strength of your urine stream since a decreased urine pressure can be a symptom of prostate cancer. Smart toilets can track the strength of your urine stream over time, so you can analyze the data and take note of any changes. Some may even let you know automatically if your urine pressure decreases to a certain level.

Stay warm and toasty.

Who likes sitting on an ice-cold toilet seat? Smart toilets often come with heated seats, which can be programmed to a custom temperature and to turn on/off at certain hours. This keeps you from wasting electricity to heat a seat when you're out of the home all day, but ensures it will be toasty warm by the time you come back. You may even be able to turn on your toilet seat heater remotely from your smartphone.

To learn more about these and other fun functions of smart toilets, speak to a plumber who specializes in bathroom upgrades. Most smart toilets are fully customizable, so you can get the features you need without a lot of extras.


14 December 2015

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