Trouble-Shooting Your Water Softener: 3 Things To Know


Using a water softener in the home offers many benefits to those living in areas where the water is considered to be hard. Soft water makes it possible for laundry and dish detergents, shampoos and soaps to work better with no need to boost the amount used. Soft water also helps to eliminated the problem of lime scale deposits on bath tubs and showers and mineral build up inside pipes and appliances.

19 December 2018

Understanding Kettling And How To Prevent It


Like with any appliance, it's important to listen to the normal sounds your boiler makes so you can identify potential problems. If you begin to hear a loud banging or rumbling coming from your boiler, there's a good chance that it is suffering from a problem known as kettling. If you discover this sound, you'll want to contact a technician to come and investigate because the situation will become much more serious if you do not take care of it right now.

27 November 2018

Residential Water Heaters: 3 Signs It's Time To Replace Yours


Water heaters are appliances that households use on a daily basis, but few people think about them until there is an issue. Like all appliances in a home, water heaters have finite lifespans and will eventually need to be replaced. As a homeowner, the key is knowing when your home's water heater is on its last leg and has reached the end of its lifespan. Buying a new hot water heater and having it installed by a licensed plumber is not inexpensive, so recognizing the signs of a failing water heater will allow you to budget accordingly.

28 September 2018

An Overview Of Septic Tank Installation


One of the things that determines how efficient, safe, and durable a septic system becomes is the quality of its installation. Therefore, if you are planning to install such a system, you should be aware of the steps involved in the overall design and installation so you can make sure it is done right. Here is a brief overview of the steps your chosen contractor will use to install your septic system:

10 September 2018

3 Ways To Keep The Water Flowing In Your Bathtub


Bathtubs are one of the most common household areas that seem to get clogged up, outside of the kitchen sink. All the soap, lint, and hair that can get into your bathroom drain can really clog things up. If you don't intervene, you may need to contact a professional for plumbing repair. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to keep things flowing in your bathroom tub. Use a Hair Catcher

10 August 2018

How to Prepare for a New Bathroom Addition


If your family always fights over the bathroom, then it may be time to consider adding a new one to your home. Putting in an extra bathroom is more convenient and less expensive than moving to a larger home, especially if you are happy with your house otherwise. Here are some tips for preparing to install a new bathroom. Start with a Plumbing Inspection One thing you'll want to know is the condition of your existing plumbing.

20 July 2018

Manage A Rental? Get Help With Plumbing To Improve The Kitchen For Tenants


If you own a property that you rent out full-time, you will need to invest in maintenance and repairs to keep it functional for your tenants. Some property owners will do the least amount of work to provide a working property that they can get a monthly rent check from. But, you may like the idea of meeting or exceeding your tenants' expectations with home maintenance. If you want to make sure that your tenants have a great time using the kitchen, you should consider hiring a plumbing services company during the next vacancy to work on several projects.

27 June 2018