Plumbing Installation Services Plumbers Often Provide


There are several installation services that plumbers provide. In fact, their list of services comprises of a number of things you may not expect plumbers to do. A comprehensive list of plumbing services follows.

Pipe Installation and Replacements

Pipe installation is the most basic service that plumbers provide. If you have old pipes that need to be replaced, plumbers do that too. It is especially important to replace old lead pipes to avoid lead poisoning, and plastic pipes that leak or have split. Copper pipes are best, if you can afford them, but if you cannot, there are PVC pipes and aluminum alloy pipes that are safe replacements.

Water Heater Installation

Water heaters have a direct line connection to your home's plumbing and water supply. As such, a plumber can install and replace your water heater when needed. This includes gas water heaters as well as electric ones.

Water Filtration and Backflow Prevention

Water filtration filters water for your whole house, or just for certain taps. The plumber can install the water filtration and purification units to get you started. You will need to pay for the equipment and the plumber's time, but then you can enjoy filtered, purified water all the time.

Backflow prevention is another service many plumbers offer. Because you do not want your wastewater to flow backwards into your house's toilets, tub and shower drains and/or your sink drains, the plumber installs unique devices that will allow the waste to head one direction (i.e., out) and not flow back in regardless of the flow issues in the pipes below. This is a very useful service if you own and operate a multi-unit apartment building where much of the old plumbing is still connected and you do not want any sewage backflow to move from one apartment to the next.

Whole-House Humidifiers

Humidification systems are systems that you can control via another control panel just under or above your thermostat. These systems ramp out moisture to make the air in your home less dry and then remove some of the moisture to make it less wet, depending on which time of the year or season it is. (Clearly, you need more moisture in winter and less in summer for the air to be properly balanced.) The system's controls are fairly easy to use, and the added humidity when you need it is worth the cost of installation.


12 May 2017

A New Kind of Piping Makes DIY Plumbing Easier

My homes have always had either copper or PVC plumbing pipes. But when my plumbing system needed an overhaul last spring, I wanted a piping system for my home that I could work on myself when needed. There were a lot of good reasons to choose PEX piping, but my favorite thing about the PEX piping is that it's easy to work with, even if you're a beginner like me. Now I can make small repairs myself instead of calling the plumber every time I have a minor leak or other small problem. I still call the plumber for the big stuff, but it's more affordable now that I can take care of small issues myself. I started this blog to help others learn how they, too, can do DIY plumbing repairs at home.