How Switching To A Tankless Water Heater Can Save You Money


Tankless water heaters are relatively new technology and can have a bit of a startup investment cost. However, in the long run, tankless water heaters can do a lot for your wallet and the environment. A plumbing company like Buchner Bernie Inc can help you choose the perfect water heater for your home. If you're interested in saving money and doing your part to protect the planet, here are three reasons why you should consider a tankless water heater: 

Less Water Consumption

Tankless water heaters use less water than traditional water heaters. This is because tankless water heaters heat water on demand, rather than having to fill up an entire tank every time you turn on the hot water. If you've already upgraded your home with low-flow devices in your bathroom and kitchen, chances are you don't need a very heavy flow of hot water, and a tankless water heater can help to boost your water savings even further. This will not only save you money on your utility bills but will help to protect the environment during times of drought.

Less Heating Costs

Whether you use an electric or gas-based water heater, keeping a full tank of hot water hot all year long can be extremely costly. Even when you're not at home or don't need hot water, the pilot light or electric heater has to keep running in order to ensure that the hot water will be ready for you when you need it.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, don't spend any energy when you're not using the hot water. They work on demand, only heating the water when you turn on the hot water tap. This can make them up to 34% more energy-efficient than tank-based water heaters. Whether you choose a gas-based or electric tankless water heater, it should save you a considerable amount of money on your utility bill just in electric or gas costs.

Eco Refunds

Lastly, the initial cost of a tankless water heater can be diminished dramatically by looking for eco-based refunds. The federal government and state governments often offer these in order to encourage homeowners to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint. You should ask the plumber who will be installing your tankless water heater whether there are any rebates available and how to take advantage of them. Typically, your plumber will give you a receipt with your installation information, and you can send a copy of that in with the rebate to receive your rebate via mail.

Buying a tankless water heater can reduce your energy and water usage, which will pay off for your wallet as well as the planet. If you're interested in doing what you can to help the ecosystem and keep your costs low, consider a tankless water heater. 


4 June 2017

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