Ensure Everyone In Your Large Family Has Their Own Space By Converting The Attic Into A Bedroom


There are times when the space you have available in your home is simply not enough for your family. As you add more members to your family, the number of bedrooms in the house may no longer suit your family's needs. If you have found that you need more bedrooms in the home, but do not have the budget to have an addition built, consider converting some or all of your attic space into a bedroom. The following guide provides you with a few key things you need to know about transforming the space to make your home more conducive to your family's needs.

Hire an Electrician

You first need to hire an electrician to have power strung to the attic. You need to consider if you want overhead lights to be installed or if your child will simply use lamps to light the area. The electrician will also need to know where you want the outlets to be placed in the room so that he or she can plan accordingly.

Hire An HVAC Technician

Heat rises in a home, which can make the attic warmer than another other room in the house. In order to ensure that the attic is always as comfortable as possible, it is important to have the HVAC system run to the room. A professional HVAC technician (such as Doctor Fix-It) will be able to run ducts and add vents to the room to ensure that the temperature can be regulated as well as possible.

Hire a Contractor

Once the HVAC and electrical components have been run, you can hire a contractor to finish off the room. walls will need to be put up and flooring will need to be laid. Consider if you want carpeting or hardwood flooring to be used in the room before the contractor starts work on the room. The contractor may be able to lay the hardwood flooring, but not all contractors have a carpet stretcher so they may not be able to install the carpeting in the room.

If you do not plan to have plumbing run to the attic, you will not need to hire a plumber to work in the room. it is best to hire the electrician and the HVAC technician before the contractor so that everything that needs to be done behind the walls can be completed before the contractor starts doing anything in the room. This ensures everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can.


17 June 2017

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