3 Signs You Should Sign Up For A Service Contract With A Local HVAC Company


Your HVAC technician might have asked you if you were interested in signing up for a service contract, but you may not be sure if it's a good idea or not. These are a few signs that it might be something for you to think about:

1. Your Unit is Under Warranty

It might not seem as if you're going to need to pay for a service contract when your unit is under warranty. However, a lot of people forget about all of the key maintenance that has to be done to maintain one of these warranties. For example, just as your car warranty might not cover repairs if you haven't been getting your oil changed, your HVAC warranty might not be valid if you aren't keeping up with basic maintenance. With a service contract, though, your preferred HVAC technician will take care of all of these things. Then, if your unit dies well before its lifespan should be over, you shouldn't have to worry about arguing with the manufacturer about whether or not you've been maintaining the unit like you were supposed to.

2. You Want the Fastest Possible Service

If the idea of sitting in your house in the sweltering heat without a functioning air conditioner is enough to make you work up a sweat just thinking about it, you probably aren't going to want to wait very long for an HVAC technician if something goes wrong. Even though the best HVAC companies do try to send technicians out as quickly as possible, the truth is that you might find yourself waiting for hours or longer if your air conditioner or heater breaks down randomly. A lot of these companies do offer preferential scheduling for their service contract customers, however, so signing up for one of these contracts can help you get faster service when you need it.

3. You'd Prefer for Maintenance Costs to Be Reliable

When it comes to taking care of your HVAC unit, you might find that you're either not spending any money on it at all (aside from simple things, like buying air filters) or that you're spending hundreds of dollars or more to have it fixed. It can seem like there's very little in-between, which can be tough when you're trying to make (and stick to) a budget. With a service contract, your costs are much more predictable. Instead of having to worry about coming up with tons of money for spur-of-the-moment repairs, you'll pay a little bit to your HVAC service of choice each month. Then, you don't really have to worry about being hit with a surprise bill.

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26 July 2017

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