The Wide World Of Porta Potties For Work And Play


When one thinks of porta potties, the image of simple toilets enclosed in plastic booths comes to mind. While these simple structures are invaluable in providing basic bathroom needs, there are various enhancements available that can greatly improve the experience and meet very important requirements for specific locations and events.

Choosing a Porta Potty for Construction Sites

Basic porta potties with only a toilet are a must for most construction sites. New buildings lack any type of infrastructure, including bathroom facilities, while existing buildings undergoing renovations often have plumbing shutdowns or restrictions on construction workers using company facilities.

However, construction sites can greatly benefit from porta potties with added wash stations. This enhancement can provide numerous health and safety benefits on construction sites.

Without cleaning stations, workers must often use the porta potty and then resume work or eat meals without cleaning their hands. This could lead to bacterial infections such as e-coli, which can result from exposure to fecal matter. The infection could be limited to a single individual eating their lunch with contaminated hands or spread to other workers through use of shared tools and equipment.

Construction workers may also be exposed to blood borne pathogens such as hepatitis and HIV through contact with contaminated drain pipes that are breached during renovations. They may also face the risk of chemical burns through contact with caustic agents. Availability of a porta potty with a cleaning station can minimize the effects of these health and safety risks through quick access to water for cleaning.

Choosing a Portable Restroom for Events

Businesses that hold company events such as parties outdoors can greatly enhance the experience with full portable restrooms. These luxury models are climate controlled and include all of the amenities of a regular restroom in an existing structure, including toilets, sinks, lighting, and mirrors. Showers are also available in some models upon request.

These types of portable bathrooms are also perfect for weddings in exotic locales or non-traditional spaces, such as beaches. Preparation is extremely important for weddings, both for the betrothed and for the accompanying wedding party. A complete bathroom can also provide a great service for the reception following the wedding, where eating and drinking festivities can make the most use of portable restroom facilities.

Because these luxury portables are on trailers, they can be placed at most locations that passenger vehicles can access, and because their power and plumbing sources are self contained, they can serve remote locations without regard for available infrastructure.

Porta potties are not glamorous, but if you need one, from a simple toilet to an entire bathroom, their appeal is undeniable.


17 December 2017

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My homes have always had either copper or PVC plumbing pipes. But when my plumbing system needed an overhaul last spring, I wanted a piping system for my home that I could work on myself when needed. There were a lot of good reasons to choose PEX piping, but my favorite thing about the PEX piping is that it's easy to work with, even if you're a beginner like me. Now I can make small repairs myself instead of calling the plumber every time I have a minor leak or other small problem. I still call the plumber for the big stuff, but it's more affordable now that I can take care of small issues myself. I started this blog to help others learn how they, too, can do DIY plumbing repairs at home.