2 Reasons To Replace Your Old Water Heater


Replacing your old water heater may just be one of the best things you can do for your property as it can help you in a variety of ways. Here are two reasons to replace your old water heater.

Newer Models Are Much More Energy Efficient

A major reason to replace your old water heater is that newer models are much more energy efficient. In many cases, you may find that a newer model is able to provide you with just as much hot water, if not more, than your older one without costing you as much money every month on your utility bills.

In addition, many newer water heaters are also able to provide hot water without wasting unnecessary energy. A prime example of this is the availability of tankless water heaters that don't use any gas, electricity, or water until you turn on a water faucet somewhere in the house.

As soon as there is an actual need for hot water, the tankless water heater will begin providing hot water within seconds, which is extremely energy efficient as it is not using gas or electricity to constantly replenish a hot water tank throughout the day even when there isn't an immediate need for that hot water. This will not only allow you to save money, but it will also be beneficial for the environment.

An Old Water Heater Is More Prone To Leaking

You should also consider replacing your old water heater because an old water heater is much more prone to leaking. As your water heater ages, certain components can begin to deteriorate, degrade, or flat out break and allow water to begin leaking out of the water heater itself. This is a massive problem because most water heaters have a 40 to 50-gallon tank of water attached to them, which means that a leak could very easily spread all of that water throughout the room where you keep your water heater.

This much water spreading throughout the room can easily cause flooding and other damages. It is not uncommon for a leaking water heater to cause enough damage to a room to require the replacement of your flooring and even some of your electrical wiring that was shorted out as a result of the flooding.

Don't put off replacing your old water heater too long as this can pose some very real risks for your property. Replace your old water heater because newer models are much more energy efficient while also being less prone to leaking. For more info on water heater repair, contact your local specialist. 


12 February 2018

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