Save Water With These Household Tips


No matter where you live, you may notice that your water bill is way too high. If you feel that your home's water usage has increased tremendously, you may need to take quick action. These steps can help you curb your water use without spending an exorbitant amount of money to do so.

Don't Let the Water Run

Even though they might know they shouldn't, people often allow the water to run while they brush their teeth or turn away from the dishes to tend to something else in the kitchen. The amount of water you save will add up over time, and you may be surprised at how your habits change without having any significant negative impact on your life.

The same applies to any potential leaks in your home. A neglected leak can actually waste a significant amount of water, even if you do not know it. Check for wet spots or evidence of water damage throughout your home.

Time Your Showers

You don't need to literally time your showers with a stopwatch if that feels too authoritarian to you, but you might start a short podcast and try to finish before the show is over. Taking your shower from 12 minutes to 10 minutes reduces your water usage significantly each day.

Wash Your Clothes When You Need To

Many people throw their clothing in the washing machine as soon as they see a basket filling up, but it may be better to wash your items when you actually need them. This will reduce your unnecessary washing and water use. If seeing your laundry in a basket makes you feel anxious, you might get a covered basket to store your dirty clothes until it is wash day.

Collect Rain Water

Many people collect rainwater in a special barrel as a way to save money and water. With the water you collect in a barrel, you can repurpose the water in your garden or for your lawn and trees. Some people take it as far as saving the water they use to boil pasta and then using that to water their indoor plants. You can stretch your water usage if you are passionate about it.

Now that you have a better understanding of saving water (and money), you have the tools you need to make better decisions for your home, family and your gas water heater services. These tips will get you started.


22 July 2019

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