Addressing Foul Odors From Your Drains


The drains can be part of your home's plumbing that will experience the most problems. Foul odors coming from the drains can be extremely noticeable, but homeowners may not be aware of what they can do to address their drain odors.

Determine Whether The Odors Are Due To Not Using The Faucet In A While

There may be some drains in the home that will experience very infrequent use. This can actually increase the chances of drain odors forming by allowing the trapped water to evaporate. This is a small amount of water that remains in the pipes to block odors from the sewer from entering the home. If this is the source of the odors, you may find that simply using that faucet and drain more often can stop these odors.

Flush The Drain With Plain Or Apple Cider Vinegar

Many drain odors will be the result of bacteria breaking down grease or other materials in the pipes. To avoid the risk of damaging the pipes with harsh cleaning agents, homeowners will often choose to use vinegar. The vinegar can be effective at loosening grease so that it can wash out of the drains. For the best effects, you should thoroughly rinse the pipes with very hot water an hour after flushing it with vinegar. If you are wanting to add a fresh scent to your drains, you may want to use apple cider vinegar. This option will be as effective as white vinegar, but it will be able to give a fresh scent to the drains so that any remaining odors can be masked.

Consider Hiring A Professional Drain Cleaning Service

There can be some odors that can be especially difficult to remove from your drains. This will often be due to the source of them being located too deep in the drains for you to easily reach to clean. Luckily, a drain cleaning service will be able to effectively eliminate these substances from the drains so that these stubborn odors can be addressed. Some of these tools may involve devices that will allow them to actually scrape the interior of the pipes as well as chemicals that can be used to fully neutralize the bacteria in the pipes without causing damage to the seals or interior lining of the pipes. Many of the commonly available drain cleaners will be effective at removing odors, but they will be caustic enough to cause severe damage to the pipes if they are used regularly.


28 April 2020

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