Three Reasons To Hire A Pro To Install Your New Water Heater


When you're looking into getting a replacement water heater, there are a lot of decisions to make, like what kind of heating you want and how big the tank is. While it's not impossible for homeowners to replace the tank on their own, it's also not the wisest choice. If you're planning on getting a new water heater, this is why you should get help from a professional.

Consult on the Type of Water Heater

Even if you've done plenty of research to help you decide on a water heater, it's a really good idea to consult with a professional to get their opinion. A plumber knows better than anyone what kind of water heater works best for certain households, including the type, size, and brand.

If you've already purchased a water heater and just need it to be installed, there's still a good reason to get that consultation. The plumber can not only install the heater for you, but if they feel strongly that this isn't the right water heater for your situation, you can likely still return the water heater and get a different one. That won't be as easy once it's installed, so get that consultation first.

Up to Code

Plumbers are pros at ensuring that water heaters are up to code. While there's usually nothing inherently wrong with new water heaters themselves, how they're installed is very important.

For example, plumbers can help by securing the water heater to the wall to ensure that it doesn't move or fall over in the event of something like an earthquake, tornado, or even a car crashing into your house. While nobody wants to think about these things happening, it doesn't mean that it's impossible for them to happen, and it's best to have a water heater that's ready for these scenarios. In addition, if the water heater is damaged or damages your home and wasn't installed properly, your home insurance may not cover the cost.

Voiding the Warranty

Finally, many water heaters come with warranties ensuring that for a set period of time, you can get free repairs or a replacement if something goes wrong. But again, this offer is only valid if your water heater is installed properly by a professional. More often than not, a plumber needs to sign off on the heater being installed, ensuring that it was done properly and that any potential future failures of the heater weren't caused by it being installed incorrectly.

In short, a plumber can be a big help to you with your water heater even if you were all set to try and install it yourself. This is one job that's worth getting a professional to do, so call a plumber.

To learn more, contact a water heater installation professional.


20 July 2020

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