Easy Repairs For Home Water Faucet Issues


If one of the faucets in your home seems a bit worse for wear, then it may be time for a full replacement. Plumbers can also make some of the faucet repairs for you and you can try your hand at the more simple ones yourself. If you are thinking of completing a DIY job, find out how to fix some of the more common faucet problems. 

Sprayer Not Working

If you wash dishes in your sink, then your sprayer may be the best tool that you have in your cleaning arsenal. Unfortunately, sprayers will lose their power over time, and sometimes they will merely drip water instead of releasing a strong spray. When this happens, you should try replacing two separate parts.

The first is the diverter that channels water from the main faucet to the sprayer tool. It is found in the stem of the faucet itself and can be found by taking off the main faucet. You will see several small, round parts that are attached to the faucet body. The bottom piece is the diverter. You can replace this part or you can try to clean it. Clean away debris and calcification with the help of vinegar or a product like CLR. 

Once this piece is replaced or cleaned, you want to unscrew the cap from the spray nozzle and look for a small screen. If the screen appears white, then replace it with a new one. It will contain mineral deposits much like the diverter, causing poor water flow.

Handles Squeaking And Hard To Move

The vast majority of bathroom faucets have hand levers. If these levers release a squeal with every turn and also resist movement, then you can complete a repair. In this case, the stems that sit just underneath the handles are sticking. Sometimes, all they need is a bit of grease, so remove the handles and add a dab of plumber's grease to each stem. Replace the handles and move them back and forth to see if the squeaking sound is gone.

If the issue does not resolve, then you can replace the stems completely. Turn off the water to the faucet and use a wrench to screw the stems off the main faucet body. You will notice that each of the stems will be color-coded to represent hot and cold. Purchase replacements of the same size and color at your local hardware store and also purchase new o-rings to sit around the bottom edge of each piece. Replace the stems and the handles.


28 July 2020

A New Kind of Piping Makes DIY Plumbing Easier

My homes have always had either copper or PVC plumbing pipes. But when my plumbing system needed an overhaul last spring, I wanted a piping system for my home that I could work on myself when needed. There were a lot of good reasons to choose PEX piping, but my favorite thing about the PEX piping is that it's easy to work with, even if you're a beginner like me. Now I can make small repairs myself instead of calling the plumber every time I have a minor leak or other small problem. I still call the plumber for the big stuff, but it's more affordable now that I can take care of small issues myself. I started this blog to help others learn how they, too, can do DIY plumbing repairs at home.