What To Know About Servicing Your Septic Tank


If you live in an area where connecting to a municipal sewer line is not an option, you're not alone. Many households in the US rely on septic systems when municipal sewer access is not available. When it comes to the day-to-day, there isn't much difference in a home that uses a septic system over one connected to a sewer. However, your septic tank will require service periodically. Knowing more about servicing your septic tank is crucial. Here are three things that you should know.

What Are Septic Services

The first that you need to know is what septic tank services entail and why they are necessary. The good news is that septic tank services are straightforward. Your septic tank needs to be inspected and pumped every few years to continue working correctly. Over time, solids will start to accumulate in your septic tank. These solids need to be removed through septic pumping before they overwhelm your system. Septic inspections ensure there are no issues with your septic tank and drain field and that your system is working as it should. 

When Septic Services Are Necessary

When it comes to septic tank services, pumping is necessary every three to five years, while inspections are necessary every three years. There are a few situations where you may want to schedule septic services as soon as possible. If you are moving into a new home and do not know the date of the last septic tank service, you should have it pumped and inspected immediately. Another time when you may want septic services earlier than scheduled is when you notice backups, foul odors, or other signs that there may be an issue with your septic tank.

How Much Septic Services Cost

The cost of septic services is another thing to consider. Since these services are not something you require annually, they are relatively cost-effective. The size of your septic tank has the most significant impact on costs. The larger your tank, the more septic services will set you back. The cost of septic services for an average septic tank will cost between $286 and $530. However, if you have a large septic tank, the cost of septic services will be closer to $1,000.

When it comes to septic tank services, there are a few things to know. First, septic services involve both septic tank pumping and inspections. Both of these are essential for keeping your system working. In most cases, you will need septic services every three to five years. However, there are situations where you should seek out these services as soon as possible. Septic tank services will usually cost a few hundred dollars for the average-sized septic tank. 


17 February 2021

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