Effective Solutions For Well Pump Maintenance


If you have a water well, you surely have a well pump to get this water to your property. So that it's able to function well for years and years, do your best to keep up with the following maintenance solutions. 

Avoid Corrosive Products

You'll be doing a lot of cleaning around your well pump over the years to keep it performing great, but just make sure you don't use products that have corrosive qualities. They could damage major components in a short period of time and cause your pump to fail completely.

Before using any cleaning solutions on your well pump, review their ingredients to make sure corrosive properties are not included. If they are, switch products so that you get an effective clean but not damage components like the pump motor or internal wires that allow systems to function properly.

See How Often Professional Servicing Is Required

In addition to caring for this pump system through cleaning and inspection, you'll want to use professional servicing too. Then you'll have complete control over the condition of your well pump, so much so that you'll be able to get many more years out of it.

Even still, for professional servicing to be worth its costs, it needs to be done at the right times. Find out what servicing schedule is right for your well pump and then keep up with it over the years. Then if parts are about to break down, a professional can intervene in a timely manner to keep your water well working just fine.

Don't Let Drips Continue

A couple of drips from your well pump may cause no harm, but if the drips continue throughout most of the day, you have a couple of problems. For one, you're wasting useful water. Secondly, water can build up around the pump itself and cause corrosion.

If you keep seeing drips come from your well pump, see if you can spot where the drips are coming from. You might be able to tighten a part to seal water better or may need to have the pump professionally serviced. Just do something fast so that the aforementioned problems don't come into the picture.

Well pumps can help your water well work great for years, but it has to be maintained to continue working how it's supposed to. If you have a solid maintenance plan from the beginning, you'll do yourself and your pump a lot of favors in keeping problems away. 


31 March 2021

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