5 Things You Should Do Before Hiring Septic Repair Services


Calling for septic repairs right away when your septic system is malfunctioning is important. The sooner you have repairs performed, the sooner your plumbing fixtures and septic system will be in operating condition once again. 

There are a few things you should do before you call for septic repairs to ensure you keep your home safe and schedule the needed repairs as promptly and conveniently as possible. The following are five things you should do before you call for septic repairs. 

1. Address any immediate safety issues

Septic malfunctions can create safety issues in some cases until you're able to have repairs performed. You need to address any safety hazards that might be resulting from malfunctions in your septic system. Safety hazards can result from leaks and flooding on the interior and exterior of your home. Other safety hazards caused by septic malfunctions can include home contamination from backup coming out of plumbing fixtures into home interiors. Make sure that everyone in your household is safe and any immediate safety hazards have been addressed before you call for septic repairs. 

2. Shut off the water to any plumbing fixture that is overflowing or malfunctioning

When a septic system malfunctions and requires repair, plumbing fixtures could begin to overflow or malfunction due to clogging or backup. If this happens, it's important to shut off the water to affected plumbing fixtures. 

3. Inspect plumbing fixtures and your drain field

It's a good idea to glance over your plumbing fixtures, drain field, and septic tank area before you call for septic repairs. Your septic repair service may have a few questions about the situation. Looking over your home's septic and plumbing fixtures quickly will help you to answer these questions. 

4. Let everyone in your household know of the problem

Others in your home should know that the septic tank is malfunctioning and needs repairs. This way, they won't unknowingly use any plumbing fixtures and make things worse. Make sure you've told everyone in your household about the septic repair needs in your home as soon as possible after you become aware of the malfunction. 

5. Find a dependable septic repair service located near your home

It's important to find a septic repair service right away and address the problem with your septic system. Keep the contact information of an area repair service on your refrigerator so that you know who to call right away when you experience repair needs. 


20 April 2021

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My homes have always had either copper or PVC plumbing pipes. But when my plumbing system needed an overhaul last spring, I wanted a piping system for my home that I could work on myself when needed. There were a lot of good reasons to choose PEX piping, but my favorite thing about the PEX piping is that it's easy to work with, even if you're a beginner like me. Now I can make small repairs myself instead of calling the plumber every time I have a minor leak or other small problem. I still call the plumber for the big stuff, but it's more affordable now that I can take care of small issues myself. I started this blog to help others learn how they, too, can do DIY plumbing repairs at home.