Did You Just Buy Your First Home And Smell Sewage In Your Water? The Backflow Preventer May Be Failing


Buying a first home is always an exciting experience, but can be less wonderful if you discover that your water has a distinct sewage odor or even taste to it. Often, this is the fault of your backflow preventer, meaning you need to understand this element and when it is failing. Understanding The Backflow Preventer If you are noticing a strange smell of sewer gas or other strange odors in your water, there is a good chance that your backflow preventer isn't working properly.

9 June 2018

Tips And Tricks For Handling After-Hours Plumbing Emergencies


If a pipe bursts or your toilet decides to continually overflow water onto your bathroom floor after-hours or when you cannot call a professional plumber, then these tips and tricks will help you contain the problem until help arrives or a permanent fix can be made. Tip: Know Where Your Home's Main Water Line Shutoff Valve is Located Whether your home gets its water from a well on your property or a local public utility, the main water line has an emergency shutoff valve.

17 May 2018

Is Your Commercial Plumbing Energy-Efficient?


If you are concerned about the environment, you'll be interested in checking your plumbing for energy efficiency. Energy efficient fixtures will not just help save the planet; they will also save you money. Insulation Are your water pipes insulated? If not, insulate/lag the pipes leading from the water heater to the outlets to reduce heat loss. For gas heaters, keep lagging at least 30 cm away from the flue as the heat can melt the lagging.

27 April 2018

Don't Ignore The Problem: Why You Need To Have Your Drains Cleaned


When it comes to your plumbing, there's one task that you might not think about very often, and that's drain cleaning. If you're like most people, drain cleaning is pretty far down the list of home maintenance projects. Unfortunately, drain cleaning should actually be at the top of your list, especially under certain conditions. Look at the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of those situations, you need to have your drains cleaned as soon as possible.

8 April 2018

Is It Time To Call An Emergency Plumbing Contractor? Here's What You Need To Know


As a homeowner, it is very important to make sure that you are well aware of when it is time for you to call an emergency plumber to your home. If you are not sure when that might be, you will want to take a few minutes to check out the following information. The Hot Water Tank Is Leaking This is an extremely dangerous situation to be dealing with and it is certainly not something that you will want to try to tackle on your own, especially if you do not have a lot of experience with this type of repair.

23 March 2018

How To Clear A Clogged Bathroom Sink Drain


Bathroom sinks drains really take a beating when it comes to clogging materials that go down the drain. Hair, soap, and toothpaste can form a clog on their own, but the addition of toothpaste caps, disposable razor covers, and other items that fall into the sink can create an impassible clog. The drain may be slowed or stopped at various points on its way to the main line, so it's best to start at the sink and work your way downward to assess and correct the problem.

8 March 2018

2 Reasons To Replace Your Old Water Heater


Replacing your old water heater may just be one of the best things you can do for your property as it can help you in a variety of ways. Here are two reasons to replace your old water heater. Newer Models Are Much More Energy Efficient A major reason to replace your old water heater is that newer models are much more energy efficient. In many cases, you may find that a newer model is able to provide you with just as much hot water, if not more, than your older one without costing you as much money every month on your utility bills.

12 February 2018