Smart Toilets: Cool Features To Earn Your Bathroom An "A"


It began with smartphones – and now there are smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, and even smart toilets! If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom to the next level, a smart toilet, which is essentially a toilet that connects to the Internet, might be the right option. Here's a look at some of the coolest things a smart toilet is capable of. Automatically play certain music when you sit down. Maybe smooth jazz makes your bathroom experience more pleasant, or perhaps there's a specific song you like to hear as you do your business.

14 December 2015

Pros And Cons Of Different Styles Of Static Roof Vents


Roof ventilation is an important part of an HVAC system. The vents help warm air, which naturally rises, move out of your upper levels and outside. A lack of ventilation can make your attic stuffy and cause moisture-related damage due to the humidity. There are two main categories of roof vent: static and moving. Static vents don't have any moving parts and use your home's natural convection, or the rising hot air, to perform the venting.

13 November 2015

The Effect Of Floods On Your Furnace


Having any part of your home flood is a traumatic experience. In addition to all the inconvenience flood or backed up waters cause you, they can also destroy walls, flooring, and your heating and air system. If your furnace is exposed to standing water, you need the help of an experienced repair person to either repair or replace it.  Corrosion Your furnace may appear to be okay on the outside, but wet conditions can cause hidden corrosion.

23 October 2015

Keeping Your Toilet From Clogging And Dealing With Any Clogs That May Occur


You want to make sure you do everything possible to keep your plumbing running as smoothly as possible, and this includes keeping your toilets in great working order. This article will go over things you can do to prevent your toilets from clogging and educate you on what to do if it happens. How to prevent clogs in your toilet You should only be flushing human waste and toilet paper down your toilet.

15 September 2015

3 Signs You Need To Have Your Drains Cleaned Professionally


While simple clogs might be something that you can handle yourself, sometimes it is best to have a professional clean your drains instead. If you don't know what you're doing, it is quite possible that you can cause damage to your home's pipes, which can leave you in worse shape than when you started. So, if you're experiencing any of the following you really should consider calling a professional instead of doing it yourself.

3 September 2015

Losing Water Somewhere? 4 Simple Ways To Detect A Leak


Drought conditions have required you to reduce your water usage. You're doing everything you can to cut back but your water bill continues to go up. You may have a leak that you're not aware of. Before you call the plumber, take a look around your house. You may be able to find where the leak is coming from. Here's a few tips to help you find out if you have a leak.

2 September 2015

Low Pressure In The Shower: Tracking Down The Problem And What You Can Do


If you've got low water pressure, the first place you may notice it is in the shower. While many people don't turn their sinks on full blast to wash their hands, almost everyone turns their shower up as high as it will go. When the water pressure in the shower goes down, it means a much less comfortable shower. Once you notice that the water pressure is low, the first thing to do is to check your other fixtures and see whether the pressure has been reduced in them as well.

31 August 2015