Not Just Toilet Paper: What Could Be Causing That Tough Clog?


Most toilet clogs are caused by using too much toilet paper. When this is the case, you can typically plunge the toilet a bit, perhaps wait for a few minutes to allow the toilet paper to dissolve, and then flush and watch everything rinse down as if there was never a problem. But what if you keep plunging away and nothing budges? The problem here is probably not toilet paper or even human waste.

14 October 2019

Water Pressure Low In Your Home? 3 Things That Can Cause This


If you have noticed that your water pressure is low, this can be caused by many things, three of which are listed below. You can then hire a plumbing company such as A Davinroy Plumbing & Mechanical to come to your home to repair what is wrong so you can get your water pressure back to normal. Plumbing Pipes Leaking One main cause of low water pressure is having a leak somewhere in your plumbing pipes.

19 September 2019

Save Water With These Household Tips


No matter where you live, you may notice that your water bill is way too high. If you feel that your home's water usage has increased tremendously, you may need to take quick action. These steps can help you curb your water use without spending an exorbitant amount of money to do so. Don't Let the Water Run Even though they might know they shouldn't, people often allow the water to run while they brush their teeth or turn away from the dishes to tend to something else in the kitchen.

22 July 2019

Hair: The Number One Bathroom Drain Clogger


Have you ever wondered why your bathroom drain seems to clog more often and more easily than other drains in your home? The answer is on your head: hair. Not only does the hair get caught around the drain when it comes off your head, but then other particles get caught in the hair, and soap scum gets caught in the particles, creating a massive clog that won't budge. So, what can you do to prevent hair clogs?

22 May 2019